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Top 5 Free Marketing Tools For Business Owners

Marketing Tools For Business Owners

While you might think that you require a lot of money to market your business, this is not true. If you are cash strapped or under resourced, there are several free tools that you can use to boost your business marketing strategy.

Here are the top 5 free marketing tools that you can use for your business.

Top 5 Free Marketing Tools For Business Owners

1. Hootsuite

Although buffer is great tool that you can use to schedule your pots, hootsuite basically taps into social media management platform.

It has a free plan that enables you to sync three social media platforms which is a good way to start for most business owners.

Its main advantage is that it allows you quickly respond and post in all your social media profiles in just one dashboard.

To use it well, spend one day a week to do some research and then schedule your posts in such away that they match your brand voice.

You will also have access to the basic analytic tool that will tell you the types of updates and content that resonates with your followers. Want to read more, click here.

2. Survey Monkey

Most successful business owners know about their customers and prospects including what the buy and who they are.

Without a good budget for market research, you will not be able to gather some of these information. By using Survey Monkey, you can come up with a short online survey.

You can create short questionnaires and share them with your Facebook group. The best way to get responses is to use specific questions.

For instance, questions such as what time of the day do you always shop? What kind of product do you want us to carry among others, can give you the information that you need.

You can then use the answers to make any changes and improve your earnings. Check out Survey Monkey here.

3. Canva

Nowadays, visual content is increasingly becoming important for marketing. From infographics and custom illustrations to fully designed sales proposals, visual content is one of the best ways for a business to build a professional appearance and gain credibility.

Although there are number of free designing tools in the market one of the most intuitive one is Canva. Its free illustrations, Library of fonts, images, and templates will give you a variety of graphics that you can easily use.

From brochures and flyers, to infographics and social media images, you can create all these by using this free tool.

Free Marketing Tools

4. You tube

Studies have shown that video is currently the most engaging form of content out there. If you have never considered using some form of video as your marketing strategy then you could probably be doing a lot of harm to your business.

In this era of smartphones, you do not have any excuse for not giving it a try. A simple video vlog, customer testimonials, examples of your work: all these are content that can easily be filmed using phone and uploaded directly to your YouTube account.

While it’s not the only video platform, because it’s owned by google if you are smart enough you are more likely to be picked by the search engine.

Depending on the type of content that you want to include, videos can be as short as five minutes or as long as one hour.

You can also use them to position yourself as professional by offering useful information that your customers would want to hear about.

5. Facebook groups

Facebook groups are not only free and easy to create but also provide you with a way to communicate directly to your customers.

Unlike Facebook pages, Facebook groups are communities which acts as public bulletin boards. Since you can control the people in the group you can easily monitor the kind of information posted and set the tone for comments.

They are, therefore, a very cost effective way to inform your customers and prospects about your products and start developing a relationship with them


There it is, the top 5 free marketing tools for business owners. As a business owner, it’s very important to try them out and check what works and what doesn’t.

If you want to take your business venture to the next level, then these are some of the best tools to use.